Áreas de Actuación


The Council of O Pino has no direct powers in educational matters, although it is responsible for the maintenance of primary education centers and is present in the School Council of the Public College Camino de Santiago. One of the objectives of the municipal government is to

establish an appropriate coordination between the educational agents and political representatives, to respond to the demands and needs that arise in this context.

The educational actions go through improving the quality of education and promote access to the training in equal opportunities. To this end, efforts focus on gradually improve the quality of the equipment, through the planned execution of works aimed at the adaptation and improvement of education centres..

In addition, under the axis of an integral idea of socio-educational action, arise in O Pino a range of municipal educational programmes executed into concrete actions to foster values in children as the knowledge of the language, respect for the environment, etc, which are conducted in collaboration with other municipal areas.


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