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Geographically we locate the Council at latitude 42°54' North, and longitude 8 ° 21'5 West. Its latitude is 287 metres above the sea level. Its relief is smooth, little hilly, with a variation between 200 and 450 meters. Higher quotas are reached at Monte das Minas, 452 meters and in the Castro de San Lorenzo de Pastor, with 412 meters. The municipal capital is located 289 metres above sea level.

Following the natural chapter, the River Tambre is that trace the division in the northern part of the council. Its main tributary is the River Mera. It also appears in the Noa River map, which was born in the parish of Pastor and flows into the own Tambre. In terms of the climate, it is the characteristic of the area, oceanic and humid. The rainfall, which can reach the 2,000 millimeters per year, is slightly accentuated.

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