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The balance of population in the year 2015 is 4.706 inhabitants. The municipality of O Pino is located in the range of municipalities between 1.000 and 5.000 inhabitants, as well as the neighbouring municipalities of Frades, Boqueixón and Touro.

With regard to the sectors of activity, it shows that most of the workers are employed in the services sector, followed by agriculture, industry, and finally the construction.

However, as regards the companies incorporated in the municipality of O Pino by sectors of activity, most are services (58,10%), followed by the construction sector (20%) and industry (14.29%). The number of farms barely come as 8%, specifically the 7.62%.

Most of the surface of the municipality of O Pino is destined to forest species that occupy half of the surface of the municipality (47,06%). Extensions to pastures occupy 26,86% of the surface of O Pino, of which half are destined to pastures.

The proportion to arable (orchard, greenhouses, and arable land) occupies 17,51% and the surface of woody farms only represents 0,50% of total. As regards the secondary sector, it should be noted that half of the holdings are divided into 41,67% in manufacturing industries and 58,33% in construction companies. If we look at the number of workers employed in these sectors, it can be seen that the percentage is inversely proportional, given that a 52.29% are employed in manufacturing industries and the remaining 47,71% in construction.

With regard to the services sector of the municipality of O Pino, half of the companies existing in the municipality have trade activities to the retail and non-food products, highlighting the equipment home, DIY, construction and sanitation companies, followed by textile companies, clothing, footwear and leather goods. With respect to department stores and hypermarkets, there are two settlements related to the hospitality and food within the single municipality.

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